You Guessed It…

Successful people know exactly who they are doing work for.  Who is your target market – your paying customers and your employees.  Invest time to maintain great relationships with both.  How you spend your time needs to be focused on your current customers.  To continue to work less and make more you must develop new programs that add more values to the lives of your customers.

How can you help them save time and money.

Use the power of focus to zero in on your current customers.  And when you know what you do and what you stand for you will naturally keep an eye out for future customers and opportunities.  Spend time exploring your future with new areas and new opportunities.  Find others who you can delegate to help with those other tasks.  Determine if additional staff needs to be hired to allow you to work on those tasks you are qualified to handle.  Delegate easier tasks to someone with less skills who can handle them so you can focus on doing what you do best and generating more income.  Train the delegate to complete the tasks to your standards. Find the right people to join your support team and evaluate them to make sure they are committed.  Learn to trust others to free up your time.  Trade out what you don’t want to do or partner up with someone.


Automate.  Start using automation all you can once you’ve delegated to free up additional time.  Negotiate tasks with others if it’s something you’re really not good at.  Or if a customer asks for something which would require additional time for you to perform, outsource it to another vendor.

Adrenaline gives your body an extra burst of energy to get out of something but many use it as a way to get through the day.

Use too much adrenaline and it weakens your body and drains your energy.  We have all put ourselves in situations where we must perform quickly or create drama or a crisis and utilize that extra burst of energy to survive.  You over-promise something to someone and you must use adrenaline to feed you to drive harder and faster.  But you cannot sustain the pace for very long and it forces you to lose control.


Is adrenaline a problem for you – do you drink caffeinated drinks to keep you going, do you eat sugar or smoke to calm yourself down, do you tend to over-promise and rush to get it done the last minute, do you find someway to sabotage a project yet usually pull it off, do you take on more than you should, do you react strong to the unexpected, do you find yourself getting upset when people let you down and do you take it personally, do you arrive at work rushed, do you get grabbed by surprises and become upset for a day or more, do you feel an inner rush much of the time, do you find the toughest way to get something done, do you drive more than five miles over the speed limit or tailgate, do you tend to run or arrive late, is money currently tight but you can’t get ahead, do you not give yourself enough time during the day for things that may come up, do you talk a lot even after people stop listening or do you people please to the point of feeling compulsive.

Break the adrenaline habit and start to feel passion for your work.  Stop drinking caffeine and drinking sugar as mixing caffeine and adrenaline is vicious in keeping you up.  Drink water instead.  Leave early for appointments.  Don’t over-promise but over-deliver.  Spend 80 percent of your time listening and 20 percent of your time talking and you will hear what’s really happening around you.  Don’t be fooled by doing more work under pressure as you won’t do your best work.  Work less and make more is about making your life easier and making it effortless.  It can’t be effortless if you are over committed and it doesn’t add ease and comfort.  Simplify your life and let go of the things that aren’t as important.

Learning to harness the power of focus is a vital part of work less and make more.

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