Work Less, Make More: Stop Working So Hard and Create the Life You Really Want – Jennifer White

This is a book review of Work Less, Make More:  Stop Working So Hard and Create the Life You Really Want written by Jennifer White.

Jennifer White is an author and renowned success coach.  White offers an easy to follow program for overcoming fears, unblocking passions, challenging energies and managing time more efficiently.  She provides ways to start today to have more time, more money and more fun on your own terms – the key to unlocking the potential for living life to the fullest.  Once these are in place, White discusses taking more risks, doing work that truly makes a person happy, achieving success on your own terms and having more fulfilling relationships by putting passion back into your life and work.  Is this even possible!  White also has a website to further assist in working less and making more.

The majority of people all have one excuse or another – if you just had more time, if you just had more money, or as soon as I have more money, as soon as I get a better job, as soon as the kids graduate etc.  We don’t celebrate our successes as we are still on a quest.  We stay busy because we don’t want to admit we’ve lost touch with ourselves.  Being busy convinces yourself you are important and all that work means you’re important.  Work less is not just about spending less time at the office.  It also means you can find joy at the end of the day and put the passion back into your life.  Making more is not just about making more money but making more of your life.  It’s a lifestyle which can be redesigned so you can feel satisfied, fulfilled and passionate about living again.  We spend a lifetime of running around and saying we’ll have fun some day.  Ask yourself how you can make more of your life.  Success comes down to you.

Changing and growing never takes a straight course and can be messy and chaotic.  Many people give up and return to the lifestyle they had before when success was right around the corner.  If you want to work less and make more, have confidence the roller coaster ride is part of the process.  There are three key things to keep in mind in redesigning how you work and live and are vital to the program.  Make sure your closest friends and family know your plan so they can provide support.  Realize some of your close friends and family may not support your change as they are used to you being you.  Others will be encouraging as they see how you are progressing.  Maintaining a journal allows you to keep track of the past and the present and helps in creating a positive future.  People sometimes stay stuck because they are afraid.  Overcoming fear and making the changes necessary to take the right steps takes courage.

Work less, make more has nothing to do with your skills.  Uncover what stops you.  The one thing that blocks a person from his or her own success is one’s self.  We want to blame our business and lack of time on someone else but you can’t.  You need to see what is blocking you so you can overcome it.  Evaluate and identify what’s blocking you from having the life you want and you will know what’s stopping your success.  Create your own path to working less by blasting through what is holding you back.  The difference of passion for your work and workaholic is the fulfillment you get and self-worth when working.  Many people put off the rest of their life to work even more and sometimes become a victim and trapped by their responsibilities to work harder and longer to be successful.  Choice is the key word.  Workaholics use work to avoid everything else in their lives.  If overworked, you have other interests and relationships in your life but simply don’t spend enough time focused on them.

Look at the top five things that are the biggest concerns in your life.  Define your vision for your work and life.  Decide where you want to go on with your life and having a vision will guide you.  You must decide what you want if you are ever going to get there.  Complete the phrase “work less, make more means ___________.”  Be specific and keep it simple so it doesn’t seem unachievable.  Overcome negative beliefs.  You must be willing to work less and make more and be willing to work to get there.  It’s about changing the way you work and live, which is sometimes a little change or a big change to what you’re doing.

Thank you guys for reading and stay tuned for the continuation. I gotta sleep a little.


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