Work Less, Make More Continued…

The core is to change what you believe about success.  Do you feel bad if you don’t work at least ten hours a day, do you expect to come home tired from work, do you act as if your company expects you to put its needs first and your family’s needs last, do you feel guilty if you say no at work, do you feel you take on more and more work because there’s no one else to do it, do others not work as hard as you do and it makes you feel proud, do you measure your success by what you achieve through your work, do you keep going and going when you want to quit, do you cut your vacation short so you can return to work, are you frustrated because the results aren’t showing up fast enough, do you typically spend more than ten minutes solving a problem before asking for help, are you finding yourself justifying why things are taking so long and do you carry your briefcase and check your emails when on vacation.

If three or more of these apply, your beliefs about work are limiting your success and lifestyle.  Your mind will tell you that just doesn’t fit with what it takes to be successful.  Many of us have heard that we must figure out what we want to do and work nonstop to achieve it.

Beliefs about money are deep ceded.  Ignoring how much you make or don’t make is not the answer.  You will not gain the freedom you want if you don’t realize your assumptions about money.  You need to make shifts from old beliefs to new beliefs.  Many believe they are not successful unless they have a lot of money as it is the true symbol of success.  Many believe money is the key to happiness.  Life is not about sacrificing how much money you make to feel important.  Shift beliefs in thinking you aren’t successful if you don’t have a lot of money.  Being wealthy is having an abundance in your life – money, relationships, opportunities, happiness, creativity, friendships, space and time and love in your life – having wealth in every area of your life.

Do what you do best and do not focus on what you love.  The love always comes when you do what you do best.  When you’re the best at what you do you’ll decide how much you will work and how much you will get paid.  But you can’t be the best if all you’re focused on is doing what you love.

Be smart about designing your life around your strengths.  Professional basketball player Michael Jordan was paid handsomely for what he did best, playing basketball.  He was the best at basketball and he found the love of the game while he focused on doing his best.  Today he’s using other gifts of talking on television as people are not limited to just one gift.  Discover your brilliance of what you’re good at.  You cannot level your strengths or you’re just like everybody else.

What do you do easily and naturally, what do your customers pay you for, what does your company pay you for, what have other people said you’re really good at, what activities energize you, what consumes you, what do you really want to do on your days off, and what qualities and skills do you see in other people that you know you have.  Many people have a hard time identifying what they do well.  If you can’t determine what you do well, visit with a professional to help you.  People are attracted to those who have a mastery in what they do, such as Jordan.  Many go for mastery but quit before they get there as they aren’t willing to stay in the game until they reach it.  It takes a plan to reach mastery and you should ask what a mastery in this area would get paid.

Harness the power of focus and stop trying to get more done.  Most of us are getting more and more done but feeling less and less satisfied because you are doing the wrong things.  Do less to achieve more.  Stop focusing on getting more stuff done and focus on results that matter.

Decide what really counts and don’t hinder the results by trying to do too many things at once.  Very little time is spent on what we do very well.  You are more powerful if you’re able to concentrate.  Focus on only three of the most important things to do which would matter the most.

Spend 80 percent of your time on these three things.  Simplicity is the key to get more done with less time.  Figure out what are the three most important activities you can do and what are the three activities that bring you the greatest return.  There are three major focuses you need to have in order to harness the power of three.  Your own purpose for being, why are you on this planet, why is your business in business.  Always focus your attention on your purpose of being so your life reflects it.  Do what you do best to help you integrate what your business does and what you do well – your market niche – maximizing what you do best.

The power of focusing is about knowing what you do best and focusing your time and attention there.

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