The Time Machine

Handle the time machine.

Time is more important than money and the most valuable commodity you have.  How you spend your time is up to you.

Learn to love the life you created as it belongs to you.  Take back control and reorganize your day.  Delivering results embraces work less and make more.  Have three types of days – laser days to focus on the top three things on what matters the most, which will build momentum; support days to attend meetings, prepare quotes, delegate, return calls, etc.; and free days that have nothing to do with work, shop, golf, spend time with family or anything but work.  These days can be adjusted to use your time according to your type of business.  Categorize what you do on a specific day so you can get results.  Work less and make more is all about results.

Communicate with the people around you and support staff.  Stay true to working a full day for each task.  Avoid combining your tasks on the same day as you will lose your attention and focus.  On your free days, decide what it is you want to do.  In order to create free days, determine what you want to do and do something fun.  Spend time with family or friends, go shopping, lie in the sun, go for a walk, read a book, bake.  When you take on a new task put it on your schedule.  Use your schedule to control your day.  Don’t procrastinate.  Procrastination can be a big problem for many.  It is how you think, speak and act and all three block you from having more success in your life.  Changing these can help you unblock procrastination.  Take responsibility for everything in your life instead of blaming others.  Change how you speak and eliminate should and but.  Use want instead of should, and use and instead of but.  I should lose weight – to please somebody else.  But few lose weight until they decide they want to lose weight.  Focus and design your life around what you want to do.

Change how you act by reflecting on the problem.  Many procrastinate because the problem seems too overwhelming or you just don’t want to do it yourself.  Turn work into fun when a task seems boring.  Give yourself a time frame to finish a task to get it done or give yourself a reward.  Perfectionism can hold you back when it is all or nothing.  High achievers are often perfectionists.  They spend more time on a task or project by doing their best.  Focus on what’s realistic instead of what’s perfect.  Develop an option that works best for you.

Have a healthy relationship with failure.  It’s okay to make mistakes but it’s not okay to beat yourself up because you didn’t do it perfectly.  But don’t make a mistake on purpose.  Bring more joy in your life by being kind to yourself.  Appreciate who you are by not tying your feelings to your performance.  Take back control and decide what your life is about.

Say yes to yourself and learn to say no.  It is easy to want to please others before you please yourself.  You say yes because you don’t want others to feel bad.  Saying no starts saying yes to yourself first.  Take time to take care of yourself.  If you continue to keep giving you eventually feel exhausted and stressed out.  Say no to those things that don’t matter.  Taking good care of yourself goes a long way in getting to where you want to go.  Make space for those things you want to do.  Many rush through the day which begins by getting out of bed the last minute, skipping breakfast and rushing to the office.  Change these habits by focusing on yourself and do what’s necessary to give you more time for yourself.  Saying no is hard to do but tell the truth.  And say no to clutter.  Being surrounded by clutter takes energy away from you.  Clutter is often postponed decisions and gets in your way.  Start with a small task first – like a junk drawer rather than a big closet.  Get rid of junk instead of just reorganizing it.  Be ruthless with the clutter in your life.  The last resort could be to hire an expert to help declutter.  The trick is keeping the clutter away and do the tasks right away.  Emails should be dealt with right away instead of coming back to them.  Say no to clutter and information overload.  Do it, delegate it or dump it.

With today’s new technology you can be reached any time of the day or night.  It used to take time to get something by mail before having to deal with it.  Now it is information overload.  Go on an information diet and eliminate those things that blast you everyday and focus on information that inspires you.  Remove yourself from junk mail and emails.  But you must learn to handle email overload.  Schedule specific times to check emails and telephone calls.

Say no to old habits as they will hold you back.  You can’t break a habit by just focusing on deciding to give it up.  Develop an alternative or you will continue the habit.  It takes at least 21 days to develop a new habit.  Exercise is one habit lots of people have a hard time developing.  The key to developing new habits is doing them over and over again and determining how you feel.  Appreciate that you feel uncomfortable to help you change that habit.  You can develop good habits – drink those eight glasses a water each day, spend 30 minutes a day exercising, get up earlier or say no instead of yes.  Changing old habits, learning to say no, saying yes to yourself or eliminating clutter cleans up neglect.

Duplicate yourself.  Find others to do what you do or some of the things you do.  Duplicate a part of who you are with someone who shares your brilliance.  Duplication is about maximizing your output without investing more time, which will help you make more money and make more of your life if you do it right.  Successful duplication works when you find someone with similar qualities.  It requires you to leave your ego behind so you don’t feel threatened by someone else.  Seek out someone you can duplicate and find someone who is as good or better than you are.  Use their strengths to help you be successful.  Utilize people who are coachable and have the same characteristics and goals you have.  Trust those you’ve duplicated to assist you and give them an opportunity to do those tasks.  It’s up to you to put the plan into action.  Work less to free up time in your life.

Add memorable value to working less and making more.  Being the most valuable person to someone else’s success.  It must be what you do provides more value than others in that area.  The higher the value the higher the money.  When you add value customers keep coming back.  Adding memorable value makes it easy to be in business and is effortless if you show up providing your customers what they need.  But don’t add too much value or it will take away from you.  Adding value doesn’t do any good if it doesn’t make an impression.  Give value to create royal customers who will provide a powerful word of mouth reputation.  The name of the game is value and customers will go elsewhere without it due to today’s competitive market.

As an end to this part of the review, I’d like to personally thank Limo Richmond, Art and Shawn for their help with getting thins blog up and running.

I appreciate all they have helped me with.

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