Be The Best At What You Do


Be the best at what you do and people will want to work with you.  Do what you do best to create a mastery and leverage to work less and make more.  Don’t compare yourself to others and focus on being your very best and success will find you.  Focus on them, not on you and doing it the way the customer wants.  Ask your customers what you can do for them that you are not doing.  It creates a human bond with your customers.  It is important to have customer loyalty.  A satisfied customer will say nice things about your business, but loyal customers will refer all their family and friends to you.  Satisfied customers come back when there’s a sale, but loyal customers always come back.


Solve problems rather than providing a benefit.  Customers will do more business with you if their problems are solved.  Find out what problems you can solve for your customers.  Be a resource by connecting your customer with whom they need.  Make it memorable by making a lasting impression.  Focus on your most important customers to add value where it will pay off the most.  Provide your loyal customers with value by providing gifts or discounts.  Adding value is about giving because you want to give, not because you have to give.  However, remember the customer isn’t always right.  Don’t put your customer before yourself when it comes to losing money as you’re in business to make a profit.  You create not only satisfied customers but a band of customers.  But make sure you aren’t paying too much for the value of your customers.


Create, innovate and thrive.  Develop solutions, new ideas and services in a way it doesn’t require more time.  Innovation drives everything because it uses creativity and invention.  Making more is easier if you’re innovative and almost a requirement these days.  Competitors will take away your customers if you don’t keep up.  Innovation also creates fulfillment and nourishes your life.  To innovate you must create.  How do you learn to innovate – you focus on making more and come up with something new like a new marketing approach, new service or product.  The responsibility to innovate is up to you to fill a need.  Believe you are creative or if you don’t you won’t be.  Have passion for what you do.


Expose yourself to something new and different and be open to new ideas.  Apply and integrate what you already know with what has already happened to you.  Create an inspiring environment that reflects your personality.  Use color, good lighting and good furniture in your office.  Music can also be helpful to keep you relaxed and creative.  Add a touch of who you are in your environment.  Making space allows your mind to create more and the space to try something new.  Most innovations are arrived from responses from customers.  Innovations require a massive supply of ideas and traditionally comes from teams.  Listen to your customers to find ideas as your wealth comes from your customers.  Innovation is a vital key to your future’s success.


Generate high income now.  But going for a high income is not always the right answer.  Creating high income is only part of the process as you must build a foundation to make more money.  You want to add value and learn and generate the highest income possible with the least amount of time.  Give the most value and ask for the highest price which forces you to be worth that much.  When you play this role you change how you act and become worth the price.


Having more than enough is having a reserve.  Having a reserve applies to having more than enough money, time, love, happiness, business and energy.  Reserve is an abundance of wealth.  When you have money pressures you think about money all the time and constantly think you don’t have enough.  You can’t make the right choices with life because you don’t have the money.  Not having enough money is a horrible experience and forces you to focus on survival.  You can’t live the life you want to live without having enough money.  And money means freedom and freeing yourself to never have to worry about money again.  And building a reserve takes time.  How to build a reserve is making changes to get you there sooner.  Pay yourself first.  Reduce expenses and save the reserve, take ten percent and put into a reserve, cutting production or selling costs or raise costs.  Do what you can today to start building your reserve.


Giving it away allows it to come even faster.  Why would giving it away help you have more.  Money is like energy and must be allowed to flow.  Give to your favorite charity and give where you feel it will matter.  It allows you to accept more in your life and upgrade who you are.  A powerful gift to yourself.


Using the power of compound interest.  Leverage what you have already made.  Invest at least ten percent of your monthly income into an investment account with a return of at least ten percent interest.  Work with a professional to get the best return on your money.  Many expect to retire from the same company after 35 years of employment.  Develop multiple sources of income to build a reserve.  Build a business you can sell from day one.  Build residual income to draw a monthly income from a service.  Project how much revenue you will generate from an income.  Focus on high income when developing multiple sources of income.  And make sure you’re passionate about them.  Build a stronger reserve in all areas of your life.

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