Be The Best At What You Do


Be the best at what you do and people will want to work with you.  Do what you do best to create a mastery and leverage to work less and make more.  Don’t compare yourself to others and focus on being your very best and success will find you.  Focus on them, not on you and doing it the way the customer wants.  Ask your customers what you can do for them that you are not doing.  It creates a human bond with your customers.  It is important to have customer loyalty.  A satisfied customer will say nice things about your business, but loyal customers will refer all their family and friends to you.  Satisfied customers come back when there’s a sale, but loyal customers always come back.


Solve problems rather than providing a benefit.  Customers will do more business with you if their problems are solved.  Find out what problems you can solve for your customers.  Be a resource by connecting your customer with whom they need.  Make it memorable by making a lasting impression.  Focus on your most important customers to add value where it will pay off the most.  Provide your loyal customers with value by providing gifts or discounts.  Adding value is about giving because you want to give, not because you have to give.  However, remember the customer isn’t always right.  Don’t put your customer before yourself when it comes to losing money as you’re in business to make a profit.  You create not only satisfied customers but a band of customers.  But make sure you aren’t paying too much for the value of your customers.


Create, innovate and thrive.  Develop solutions, new ideas and services in a way it doesn’t require more time.  Innovation drives everything because it uses creativity and invention.  Making more is easier if you’re innovative and almost a requirement these days.  Competitors will take away your customers if you don’t keep up.  Innovation also creates fulfillment and nourishes your life.  To innovate you must create.  How do you learn to innovate – you focus on making more and come up with something new like a new marketing approach, new service or product.  The responsibility to innovate is up to you to fill a need.  Believe you are creative or if you don’t you won’t be.  Have passion for what you do.


Expose yourself to something new and different and be open to new ideas.  Apply and integrate what you already know with what has already happened to you.  Create an inspiring environment that reflects your personality.  Use color, good lighting and good furniture in your office.  Music can also be helpful to keep you relaxed and creative.  Add a touch of who you are in your environment.  Making space allows your mind to create more and the space to try something new.  Most innovations are arrived from responses from customers.  Innovations require a massive supply of ideas and traditionally comes from teams.  Listen to your customers to find ideas as your wealth comes from your customers.  Innovation is a vital key to your future’s success.


Generate high income now.  But going for a high income is not always the right answer.  Creating high income is only part of the process as you must build a foundation to make more money.  You want to add value and learn and generate the highest income possible with the least amount of time.  Give the most value and ask for the highest price which forces you to be worth that much.  When you play this role you change how you act and become worth the price.


Having more than enough is having a reserve.  Having a reserve applies to having more than enough money, time, love, happiness, business and energy.  Reserve is an abundance of wealth.  When you have money pressures you think about money all the time and constantly think you don’t have enough.  You can’t make the right choices with life because you don’t have the money.  Not having enough money is a horrible experience and forces you to focus on survival.  You can’t live the life you want to live without having enough money.  And money means freedom and freeing yourself to never have to worry about money again.  And building a reserve takes time.  How to build a reserve is making changes to get you there sooner.  Pay yourself first.  Reduce expenses and save the reserve, take ten percent and put into a reserve, cutting production or selling costs or raise costs.  Do what you can today to start building your reserve.


Giving it away allows it to come even faster.  Why would giving it away help you have more.  Money is like energy and must be allowed to flow.  Give to your favorite charity and give where you feel it will matter.  It allows you to accept more in your life and upgrade who you are.  A powerful gift to yourself.


Using the power of compound interest.  Leverage what you have already made.  Invest at least ten percent of your monthly income into an investment account with a return of at least ten percent interest.  Work with a professional to get the best return on your money.  Many expect to retire from the same company after 35 years of employment.  Develop multiple sources of income to build a reserve.  Build a business you can sell from day one.  Build residual income to draw a monthly income from a service.  Project how much revenue you will generate from an income.  Focus on high income when developing multiple sources of income.  And make sure you’re passionate about them.  Build a stronger reserve in all areas of your life.

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The Time Machine

Handle the time machine.

Time is more important than money and the most valuable commodity you have.  How you spend your time is up to you.

Learn to love the life you created as it belongs to you.  Take back control and reorganize your day.  Delivering results embraces work less and make more.  Have three types of days – laser days to focus on the top three things on what matters the most, which will build momentum; support days to attend meetings, prepare quotes, delegate, return calls, etc.; and free days that have nothing to do with work, shop, golf, spend time with family or anything but work.  These days can be adjusted to use your time according to your type of business.  Categorize what you do on a specific day so you can get results.  Work less and make more is all about results.

Communicate with the people around you and support staff.  Stay true to working a full day for each task.  Avoid combining your tasks on the same day as you will lose your attention and focus.  On your free days, decide what it is you want to do.  In order to create free days, determine what you want to do and do something fun.  Spend time with family or friends, go shopping, lie in the sun, go for a walk, read a book, bake.  When you take on a new task put it on your schedule.  Use your schedule to control your day.  Don’t procrastinate.  Procrastination can be a big problem for many.  It is how you think, speak and act and all three block you from having more success in your life.  Changing these can help you unblock procrastination.  Take responsibility for everything in your life instead of blaming others.  Change how you speak and eliminate should and but.  Use want instead of should, and use and instead of but.  I should lose weight – to please somebody else.  But few lose weight until they decide they want to lose weight.  Focus and design your life around what you want to do.

Change how you act by reflecting on the problem.  Many procrastinate because the problem seems too overwhelming or you just don’t want to do it yourself.  Turn work into fun when a task seems boring.  Give yourself a time frame to finish a task to get it done or give yourself a reward.  Perfectionism can hold you back when it is all or nothing.  High achievers are often perfectionists.  They spend more time on a task or project by doing their best.  Focus on what’s realistic instead of what’s perfect.  Develop an option that works best for you.

Have a healthy relationship with failure.  It’s okay to make mistakes but it’s not okay to beat yourself up because you didn’t do it perfectly.  But don’t make a mistake on purpose.  Bring more joy in your life by being kind to yourself.  Appreciate who you are by not tying your feelings to your performance.  Take back control and decide what your life is about.

Say yes to yourself and learn to say no.  It is easy to want to please others before you please yourself.  You say yes because you don’t want others to feel bad.  Saying no starts saying yes to yourself first.  Take time to take care of yourself.  If you continue to keep giving you eventually feel exhausted and stressed out.  Say no to those things that don’t matter.  Taking good care of yourself goes a long way in getting to where you want to go.  Make space for those things you want to do.  Many rush through the day which begins by getting out of bed the last minute, skipping breakfast and rushing to the office.  Change these habits by focusing on yourself and do what’s necessary to give you more time for yourself.  Saying no is hard to do but tell the truth.  And say no to clutter.  Being surrounded by clutter takes energy away from you.  Clutter is often postponed decisions and gets in your way.  Start with a small task first – like a junk drawer rather than a big closet.  Get rid of junk instead of just reorganizing it.  Be ruthless with the clutter in your life.  The last resort could be to hire an expert to help declutter.  The trick is keeping the clutter away and do the tasks right away.  Emails should be dealt with right away instead of coming back to them.  Say no to clutter and information overload.  Do it, delegate it or dump it.

With today’s new technology you can be reached any time of the day or night.  It used to take time to get something by mail before having to deal with it.  Now it is information overload.  Go on an information diet and eliminate those things that blast you everyday and focus on information that inspires you.  Remove yourself from junk mail and emails.  But you must learn to handle email overload.  Schedule specific times to check emails and telephone calls.

Say no to old habits as they will hold you back.  You can’t break a habit by just focusing on deciding to give it up.  Develop an alternative or you will continue the habit.  It takes at least 21 days to develop a new habit.  Exercise is one habit lots of people have a hard time developing.  The key to developing new habits is doing them over and over again and determining how you feel.  Appreciate that you feel uncomfortable to help you change that habit.  You can develop good habits – drink those eight glasses a water each day, spend 30 minutes a day exercising, get up earlier or say no instead of yes.  Changing old habits, learning to say no, saying yes to yourself or eliminating clutter cleans up neglect.

Duplicate yourself.  Find others to do what you do or some of the things you do.  Duplicate a part of who you are with someone who shares your brilliance.  Duplication is about maximizing your output without investing more time, which will help you make more money and make more of your life if you do it right.  Successful duplication works when you find someone with similar qualities.  It requires you to leave your ego behind so you don’t feel threatened by someone else.  Seek out someone you can duplicate and find someone who is as good or better than you are.  Use their strengths to help you be successful.  Utilize people who are coachable and have the same characteristics and goals you have.  Trust those you’ve duplicated to assist you and give them an opportunity to do those tasks.  It’s up to you to put the plan into action.  Work less to free up time in your life.

Add memorable value to working less and making more.  Being the most valuable person to someone else’s success.  It must be what you do provides more value than others in that area.  The higher the value the higher the money.  When you add value customers keep coming back.  Adding memorable value makes it easy to be in business and is effortless if you show up providing your customers what they need.  But don’t add too much value or it will take away from you.  Adding value doesn’t do any good if it doesn’t make an impression.  Give value to create royal customers who will provide a powerful word of mouth reputation.  The name of the game is value and customers will go elsewhere without it due to today’s competitive market.

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You Guessed It…

Successful people know exactly who they are doing work for.  Who is your target market – your paying customers and your employees.  Invest time to maintain great relationships with both.  How you spend your time needs to be focused on your current customers.  To continue to work less and make more you must develop new programs that add more values to the lives of your customers.

How can you help them save time and money.

Use the power of focus to zero in on your current customers.  And when you know what you do and what you stand for you will naturally keep an eye out for future customers and opportunities.  Spend time exploring your future with new areas and new opportunities.  Find others who you can delegate to help with those other tasks.  Determine if additional staff needs to be hired to allow you to work on those tasks you are qualified to handle.  Delegate easier tasks to someone with less skills who can handle them so you can focus on doing what you do best and generating more income.  Train the delegate to complete the tasks to your standards. Find the right people to join your support team and evaluate them to make sure they are committed.  Learn to trust others to free up your time.  Trade out what you don’t want to do or partner up with someone.


Automate.  Start using automation all you can once you’ve delegated to free up additional time.  Negotiate tasks with others if it’s something you’re really not good at.  Or if a customer asks for something which would require additional time for you to perform, outsource it to another vendor.

Adrenaline gives your body an extra burst of energy to get out of something but many use it as a way to get through the day.

Use too much adrenaline and it weakens your body and drains your energy.  We have all put ourselves in situations where we must perform quickly or create drama or a crisis and utilize that extra burst of energy to survive.  You over-promise something to someone and you must use adrenaline to feed you to drive harder and faster.  But you cannot sustain the pace for very long and it forces you to lose control.


Is adrenaline a problem for you – do you drink caffeinated drinks to keep you going, do you eat sugar or smoke to calm yourself down, do you tend to over-promise and rush to get it done the last minute, do you find someway to sabotage a project yet usually pull it off, do you take on more than you should, do you react strong to the unexpected, do you find yourself getting upset when people let you down and do you take it personally, do you arrive at work rushed, do you get grabbed by surprises and become upset for a day or more, do you feel an inner rush much of the time, do you find the toughest way to get something done, do you drive more than five miles over the speed limit or tailgate, do you tend to run or arrive late, is money currently tight but you can’t get ahead, do you not give yourself enough time during the day for things that may come up, do you talk a lot even after people stop listening or do you people please to the point of feeling compulsive.

Break the adrenaline habit and start to feel passion for your work.  Stop drinking caffeine and drinking sugar as mixing caffeine and adrenaline is vicious in keeping you up.  Drink water instead.  Leave early for appointments.  Don’t over-promise but over-deliver.  Spend 80 percent of your time listening and 20 percent of your time talking and you will hear what’s really happening around you.  Don’t be fooled by doing more work under pressure as you won’t do your best work.  Work less and make more is about making your life easier and making it effortless.  It can’t be effortless if you are over committed and it doesn’t add ease and comfort.  Simplify your life and let go of the things that aren’t as important.

Learning to harness the power of focus is a vital part of work less and make more.

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Work Less, Make More Continued…

The core is to change what you believe about success.  Do you feel bad if you don’t work at least ten hours a day, do you expect to come home tired from work, do you act as if your company expects you to put its needs first and your family’s needs last, do you feel guilty if you say no at work, do you feel you take on more and more work because there’s no one else to do it, do others not work as hard as you do and it makes you feel proud, do you measure your success by what you achieve through your work, do you keep going and going when you want to quit, do you cut your vacation short so you can return to work, are you frustrated because the results aren’t showing up fast enough, do you typically spend more than ten minutes solving a problem before asking for help, are you finding yourself justifying why things are taking so long and do you carry your briefcase and check your emails when on vacation.

If three or more of these apply, your beliefs about work are limiting your success and lifestyle.  Your mind will tell you that just doesn’t fit with what it takes to be successful.  Many of us have heard that we must figure out what we want to do and work nonstop to achieve it.

Beliefs about money are deep ceded.  Ignoring how much you make or don’t make is not the answer.  You will not gain the freedom you want if you don’t realize your assumptions about money.  You need to make shifts from old beliefs to new beliefs.  Many believe they are not successful unless they have a lot of money as it is the true symbol of success.  Many believe money is the key to happiness.  Life is not about sacrificing how much money you make to feel important.  Shift beliefs in thinking you aren’t successful if you don’t have a lot of money.  Being wealthy is having an abundance in your life – money, relationships, opportunities, happiness, creativity, friendships, space and time and love in your life – having wealth in every area of your life.

Do what you do best and do not focus on what you love.  The love always comes when you do what you do best.  When you’re the best at what you do you’ll decide how much you will work and how much you will get paid.  But you can’t be the best if all you’re focused on is doing what you love.

Be smart about designing your life around your strengths.  Professional basketball player Michael Jordan was paid handsomely for what he did best, playing basketball.  He was the best at basketball and he found the love of the game while he focused on doing his best.  Today he’s using other gifts of talking on television as people are not limited to just one gift.  Discover your brilliance of what you’re good at.  You cannot level your strengths or you’re just like everybody else.

What do you do easily and naturally, what do your customers pay you for, what does your company pay you for, what have other people said you’re really good at, what activities energize you, what consumes you, what do you really want to do on your days off, and what qualities and skills do you see in other people that you know you have.  Many people have a hard time identifying what they do well.  If you can’t determine what you do well, visit with a professional to help you.  People are attracted to those who have a mastery in what they do, such as Jordan.  Many go for mastery but quit before they get there as they aren’t willing to stay in the game until they reach it.  It takes a plan to reach mastery and you should ask what a mastery in this area would get paid.

Harness the power of focus and stop trying to get more done.  Most of us are getting more and more done but feeling less and less satisfied because you are doing the wrong things.  Do less to achieve more.  Stop focusing on getting more stuff done and focus on results that matter.

Decide what really counts and don’t hinder the results by trying to do too many things at once.  Very little time is spent on what we do very well.  You are more powerful if you’re able to concentrate.  Focus on only three of the most important things to do which would matter the most.

Spend 80 percent of your time on these three things.  Simplicity is the key to get more done with less time.  Figure out what are the three most important activities you can do and what are the three activities that bring you the greatest return.  There are three major focuses you need to have in order to harness the power of three.  Your own purpose for being, why are you on this planet, why is your business in business.  Always focus your attention on your purpose of being so your life reflects it.  Do what you do best to help you integrate what your business does and what you do well – your market niche – maximizing what you do best.

The power of focusing is about knowing what you do best and focusing your time and attention there.

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Work Less, Make More: Stop Working So Hard and Create the Life You Really Want – Jennifer White

This is a book review of Work Less, Make More:  Stop Working So Hard and Create the Life You Really Want written by Jennifer White.

Jennifer White is an author and renowned success coach.  White offers an easy to follow program for overcoming fears, unblocking passions, challenging energies and managing time more efficiently.  She provides ways to start today to have more time, more money and more fun on your own terms – the key to unlocking the potential for living life to the fullest.  Once these are in place, White discusses taking more risks, doing work that truly makes a person happy, achieving success on your own terms and having more fulfilling relationships by putting passion back into your life and work.  Is this even possible!  White also has a website to further assist in working less and making more.

The majority of people all have one excuse or another – if you just had more time, if you just had more money, or as soon as I have more money, as soon as I get a better job, as soon as the kids graduate etc.  We don’t celebrate our successes as we are still on a quest.  We stay busy because we don’t want to admit we’ve lost touch with ourselves.  Being busy convinces yourself you are important and all that work means you’re important.  Work less is not just about spending less time at the office.  It also means you can find joy at the end of the day and put the passion back into your life.  Making more is not just about making more money but making more of your life.  It’s a lifestyle which can be redesigned so you can feel satisfied, fulfilled and passionate about living again.  We spend a lifetime of running around and saying we’ll have fun some day.  Ask yourself how you can make more of your life.  Success comes down to you.

Changing and growing never takes a straight course and can be messy and chaotic.  Many people give up and return to the lifestyle they had before when success was right around the corner.  If you want to work less and make more, have confidence the roller coaster ride is part of the process.  There are three key things to keep in mind in redesigning how you work and live and are vital to the program.  Make sure your closest friends and family know your plan so they can provide support.  Realize some of your close friends and family may not support your change as they are used to you being you.  Others will be encouraging as they see how you are progressing.  Maintaining a journal allows you to keep track of the past and the present and helps in creating a positive future.  People sometimes stay stuck because they are afraid.  Overcoming fear and making the changes necessary to take the right steps takes courage.

Work less, make more has nothing to do with your skills.  Uncover what stops you.  The one thing that blocks a person from his or her own success is one’s self.  We want to blame our business and lack of time on someone else but you can’t.  You need to see what is blocking you so you can overcome it.  Evaluate and identify what’s blocking you from having the life you want and you will know what’s stopping your success.  Create your own path to working less by blasting through what is holding you back.  The difference of passion for your work and workaholic is the fulfillment you get and self-worth when working.  Many people put off the rest of their life to work even more and sometimes become a victim and trapped by their responsibilities to work harder and longer to be successful.  Choice is the key word.  Workaholics use work to avoid everything else in their lives.  If overworked, you have other interests and relationships in your life but simply don’t spend enough time focused on them.

Look at the top five things that are the biggest concerns in your life.  Define your vision for your work and life.  Decide where you want to go on with your life and having a vision will guide you.  You must decide what you want if you are ever going to get there.  Complete the phrase “work less, make more means ___________.”  Be specific and keep it simple so it doesn’t seem unachievable.  Overcome negative beliefs.  You must be willing to work less and make more and be willing to work to get there.  It’s about changing the way you work and live, which is sometimes a little change or a big change to what you’re doing.

Thank you guys for reading and stay tuned for the continuation. I gotta sleep a little.


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Video of a HIGHLY excited book reviewer

I’ve been watching this girl for some time now, not in a creepy way, but the way she reviews books. I think it’s pretty awesome, check it out:


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